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Speyer is a law and consultancy firm for innovators, by innovators—in the traditional legal profession we take a digital and accessible approach. Fully committed to transparency and quality, we offer high-end services in understandable language and at affordable rates.

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Among the first patent holders in Europe were the German brothers Johann and Wendelin von Speyer. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, the Speyers crossed the Alps and introduced the art of printing in Venice, for which they received a five year monopoly. The quality of their products has long been the ultimate standard for printing in Europe.  

Speyer is inspired by the story of these men: By their entrepreneurship, their international ambitions, the quality of their products and, of course, by their connection to patent law.  

Of course, you may expect high-quality services from Speyer. But it doesn’t stop there. For us it is equally important that the client’s requirements and our approach are aligned. Often, goals can be achieved in various ways: fast or slow, formal or informal, with a large or a smaller budget. By listening carefully to our clients and adjusting our services to their needs, we combine quality with a pragmatic attitude.

Efficiency is key—we get it. We don’t deliver long, written opinions when a simple call will do. We think it is a lawyer’s task to separate main issues from side issues—and not to burden clients with that. Of course, we like to go all out in a case, however, we do so only when the expected benefits outweigh the costs.

All specializations come with their own lingo, and the legal field is no exception. Sometimes sticking to jargon is necessary: a legal term may have a very specific meaning that does not have an everyday synonym. However, in other cases, ‘legalese’ can make communication unnecessarily complicated. We prefer using clear and understandable language whenever possible—both when communicating with our clients and when drafting legal documents. Because complicated formulations rarely make a message more powerful.

At Speyer we operate transparently and cost-efficiently. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we always provide you with a fee estimate before we start working, and in many cases it is possible to offer a fixed or capped price. In addition, we always keep you up-to-date on incurred or expected costs. Click here to learn more.

Speyer is happy to schedule a free intake session, without any strings attached. This will allow you to explore what Speyer can do for you before committing. This could take either one session or more. And in some instances the issue is already solved during the intake. In any event, transparency is key: We start working only after the client has given the green light. Click here if you are interested in scheduling a free intake session.

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