Challenges for new entrepreneurs

In their start-up phase, companies often have myriad questions—which, to make things worse, typically all come at once. As a result, it is easy to lose sight of the wood for the trees. Creating order is often the first step to take: Which are our priorities, and what can wait? In this phase, wrong choices are quickly made and may cause trouble down the road.

Especially when it comes to protecting and managing intellectual property rights, avoidable mistakes often occur. For example, poor drafting of agreements between founders or third parties is a well-known problem.

Our services

Speyer is happy to assist start-ups with practical advice and legal support. Taking into account that start-ups often have limited financial means, we work as efficiently and pragmatically as possible to stay within the budgetary constraints.

Speyer team member Sam Adams is the start-up consultant focusing on the United States. He has extensive of practical experience with start-ups in general, but is particularly well-equipped to advise in cross-overs with the American market.

A few examples of the services we provide:

  • advice on legal forms
  • company check
  • intellectual property strategy
  • registration of intellectual property rights
  • cooperation agreements
  • employment contracts
  • contractor agreements

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