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intellectueel eigendomsrecht advocaat

Speyer specializes in intellectual property law. We advise and litigate in various fields including copyright, trademark and patent law. Speyer operates transparently, cost-efficiently and has an international focus.

Seeking advice or considering litigation? Planning on entering the American or European market? Speyer has the experience and knowledge for the best results.

intellectueel eigendomsrecht advocaat

Services in intellectual property law

Advocaat intellectueel eigendomsrecht

Speyer solves legal issues for businesses and individuals, with a focus on creative and knowledge-intensive industries. Although our specialization is intellectual property law (such as copyright law, trademark law and patent law) we offer a broad range of services.

Doing business abroad

Doing business abroad is not always easy, let alone expanding to another country. Often there are linguistic, cultural and legal barriers to overcome. Although within the EU significant steps have been made in terms of legislative harmonization, national differences continue to exist. Such challenges tend to increase in distant or unfamiliar markets.

Speyer has broad experience outside the Netherlands, especially in the United States and China. With our own expertise and through our network we help clients find their way abroad, both in the field of intellectual property law and otherwise.

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About Speyer

Speyer is a law and consultancy firm for innovatorsby innovators: In the traditional legal profession we take a digital and accessible approach. Fully committed to transparency and quality, we offer high-end services in understandable language and at affordable rates.


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